Marijuana Seed Options for Newbies

Not all strains of marijuana area easy to grow. That is a mistake that too many people make. They assume they all grow under the same conditions. Marijuana plants are like any other plants though. Some of them require a great deal of care and others can grow just about anywhere. Some need precision in terms of water and soil content. Others can thrive even if they are given too much water or not enough. They can do well in any type of soil.
If you are new to growing your own marijuana, it makes sense to start out with something you can have success with. The right marijuana seeds can make all the difference in the outcome for you. First, think about if you want to grow the product indoors or outdoors. That will narrow down your selection. Some marijuana seeds can only be grown in one of the other. Others though will work in either location.
Hindu Kush
Most people start out with Hindu Kush as it is so simple to grow. These marijuana seeds are also very affordable. This product is easy to grow due to the overall stability of the plants. They also yield very generous amounts of cannabis. These plants are grown indoors. They create leaves that are very dark and very thick. Typically, the darker the color of the leaves, the more potent the product is going to be. This tends to grow best in a warm climate. If you live where it cold, you may have to grow Hindu Kush with the help of heat lamps.
One of the strains that has been around for a very long time is Skunk. It is also one of the favorite types of weed among users. It offers a generous yield and it doesn’t require much overall care at all. However, it does have a very pungent smell so you aren’t going to be able to hide the fact that you are growing it. This product grows best outdoors.
Skunk marijuana seeds are very inexpensive. They seem to be easier to get too than some of the other strains. There are several versions of Skunk out there, and they all seem to be simple enough for a beginner to work with.
If you want a lost cost start up product, you can use Afghani marijuana seed. This is one that also grows very quickly. It is grown best indoors. It provides a great yield with a quality outcome. You can water it very little and it will still flourish.  It can grow very quickly so you do want to make sure you allow enough space for the plants to bloom.
Once you decide on the marijuana seeds you will try for your first growth experience, make sure that you get quality products. If not, your project is going to fail from the very start. You may assume you did something wrong. Yet in reality, the seeds would never have produced great cannabis plants for anyone.