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Welcome to the BSA Iraq.  This website’s purpose was for the Board of Supreme Audit in Iraq. We’ll be posting news and stories that we find interesting. The Board of Supreme Audit was tasked as one of the leading committees working toward ending corruption in Iraq.  The Board of Supreme Audit worked closely with the Inspectors General of each Ministry to thwart corruption in Iraqi politics.  You can learn more about BSA Iraq at Wikipedia.  The BSA is the oldest anti-corruption division in Iraq. Keeping the public funds accounted for, and safe from corruption.

As a part of the Commission of Integrity, the Board of Supreme Audit was formed in 2004 and subsequently added to the Iraqi Constitution. The goal if the Commission of Integrity was to promote proper business practices, and a government that the citizens of Iraq could stand behind and trust.  Working hand in hand with the Ministry of Education, the most recent goals have been to improve the curriculum of public schools in Iraq.  We’ll be promoting news and businesses that we feel share the same integrity and values as us.

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