Are there any Philly Psychics?

There are Philly psychics, but the majority of them happen to be females. It seems to be the nature of this type of profession. However, if you think about history, some of the most well-known psychics are located in Philly. For example, John Edward, Edgar Cayce, and Nostradamus have all shared information that people listen to. It is rare for Philadelphia to have the same level of intuition as females. The differences in how Philly communicate also play a role in this.
Males are more likely to ignore or suppress their intuition than females. By nature, some are also more inclined to help others. They may find that offering services as a psychic is a way to feed their intuition and curiosity. At the same time, they experience personal satisfaction as they are able to give back to others.
There are others that don’t do well with a reading from a man though. They may subconsciously be providing negative energy. Perhaps they have and negative experiences with masculine energy in their relationships. Women don’t want to feel that they aren’t on an equal level when they go to a reading with a Philly psychic.
For men, it can be about their egos. They may not feel comfortable going to a Philly psychic because they don’t want to appear to be vulnerable. However, many men say that after the reading, they feel differently about the experience. It is just getting beyond those initial preconceptions and actually participating in the reading that holds so many of them back.
There are psychics out there that want to share their spiritual skills. They may become frustrated though as they have a hard time building up their clientele. They often feel like they aren’t being taken seriously in this field that is dominated by women.
This isn’t really fair, but the way that society looks at it. Both men and women are equal when it comes to what they can offer. Each person is different in terms of their psychic abilities, and gender isn’t a deciding factor.  In fact, in the early days of kings, it was the men that did the tarot card readings.
Yet women are deemed to be the soften sex, and that is where the default may be. When it comes to psychic readings, it is about emotions and feelings. Most people feel more comfortable sharing such parts of their lives with some rather than philly psychics. They feel they will be able to connect, to feel compassion, and to also feel feminine strength. Men don’t seem to be as shy with female psychics as they can be with Philly psychics.
There are male psychics out there, and some of them are quite good at what they offer. There are customers that will only work with a male. They feel more comfortable talking to that gender than to a female. It all comes down to a personal preference. Words have power, and they seem to hold the audience captive when they come from a Philly psychic.