Washington Drug Rehab for the Second Time

Don’t look at the need to go to Washington drug rehab for a second time as a failure. Sometimes, a person isn’t quite ready when they go the first time. Maybe the program wasn’t the type that was a good fit for you. It may be that you just need to go back to get stronger and to build a better foundation of ways to change what you have going on so that you can break free from the use of Washington drugs.
You aren’t alone if you have had a relapse with your drug use. That doesn’t mean you just give up and you don’t try to make things better. You should see it as a stumbling point, not as the end of the road. Wipe the slate clean and give it another shot. This could be the difference it takes for you to have a brighter future.
A solid support system is important any time you go to Washington drug rehab. Hopefully, you will have friends and family that stand by you this second time around. However, be ready for some hurt feelings or some anger. Not everyone is going to understand that you didn’t go back to drug use by choice.
You may need to write some letters, make some phone calls, and give them time. It may be hard to see these relationships struggle. However, you need to focus on your Washington drug rehab. Promise them that you will make an effort and try your best. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep though – no matter how well intentioned they are.
Paying for drug rehab the second time around can be tricky. Your insurance plan may deny a second claim. You can look into state programs that can offer you a discounted price based on your income. You can also look at payment plans that are often offered in house at most facilities.
Don’t let the cost of attending the treatment program be what prevents you from getting the help you need. If you aren’t sure how you can pay for it, let that be known. Most of the facilities have advisors that can guide you through the possible options based on your set of circumstances.
If you need to go to Washington drug rehab for a second time, embrace the help that is offered. Let go of fear and don’t feel ashamed. Make an effort to stay positive and to do all you can in order to really make it work out. Look for a program that offers step progression too rather than just a timeframe.
For example, some programs for Washington drug rehab are for 90 days. Once that time has ended, you will be released. Yet you may not be ready to really move forward without the program in place. With a step program, you need to meet certain criteria to move from one step to the next. The program is complete when you get through all the steps. It may take one person 90 days to complete and it may take the next 125 days.