How to Select Marijuana Seeds for Sale

If you are in the market for marijuana seeds for sale, you need to know what to look for. Not all of the seeds are the same. Some of them offer a very high yield and others don’t. Some of them can grow indoors and others have to be grown outside. There are those plants that are extremely tall and others are very short. Select marijuana seeds for sale that fits your needs.

Yield and Size

If you get seeds that will create a high yield, then you can get by with fewer plants. If you are growing them inside, then this can really benefit you. If you are trying to hide the plants outdoors, you don’t want something that is going to grow 6 feet tall!

Growth Requirements

You need to select marijuana seed that has growth requirements you can deal with. Some of them need lots of water and sunlight. Others will grow in just about any type of conditions. Some are perfect for newbies as they can grow without precise care. Other plants though will die if you don’t follow exact instructions.


The quality of marijuana seeds for sale is certainly very important. Nothing is more frustrating than planting them, and nothing grows. You need to feel confident that if you follow the guidelines, your plants will grow. They will yield the cannabis that you are trying to grow.


The reputation of the provider of those seeds has to be evaluated. That is how you will be able to feel confident that they can offer you what you seek. Otherwise, you may be leaving it up to a coin toss. If you know someone who has purchased from that provider and had quality results, that can be encouraging.

Online, you will find plenty of marijuana seeds for sale products offered. Look for a company that has been around for a while. This shows that they do have something great to offer. Otherwise, people would stop buying from them and it would be closed down.


When you buy marijuana seed online, you want it to be delivered quickly. You also want it to be delivered discreetly. Find out how soon it will get to you. This often depends on where you live in conjunction from where it is shipped from. If they are different countries, expect delays.

There should be a tracking number offered so that you can find out where your package it. This tracking is updated with each movement through the process. From the time it leaves the warehouse to when it reaches you, there is a way to see where it is.  Finally, discreet packaging so that no one can guess what is inside is very important.


Compare prices too when it comes to selecting marijuana seeds. You need to balance the quality with the price. Make sure you look at the shipping costs that will be added on too if you purchase online. That can vary greatly from one business to the next, even if the price of the actual product is very similar.