Finding the RIght Miami Psychologist

Moving for work, due to your family, and many other reasons can be stressful. Even if you are looking forward to the move, it can cause an array of emotions taking place for you. If you go to a Miami psychologist, you need to think about seeing a new one when you relocate. You don’t want to stop the progress you have already made.

You can ask your current Miami psychologist if they can make a recommendation. Many of them have ties to others in various locations. They have friends that share the same career and they have met numerous people through conventions and training sessions. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask them and see what they can tell you.

If they give you a referral, contact that psychologist and schedule an appointment. Try to schedule it for as soon as you are able to once you move. Don’t put it on the back burner as it can be very difficult for you to deal with the move and all that comes with it on your own.

If you don’t get a referral, try to spend some time looking for someone to consider. The internet is a good place to start. You can find out who is available and takes your insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance, you need to look for sliding scale offers. Try to set up a few phone consultations if possible. This allows you to start finding out that you can connect with before you relocate.

You may have to try a few before you decide who you will see for the long haul. Don’t become frustrated or give up. If you believe you can benefit from a Miami psychologist, you need to find one that fits well for your personality, your needs, and your preferences. They should be able to challenge you but you should also feel very comfortable with them.

Everything will fall into place, so you have to be patient. Keep a journal of how you feel and what is taking place. It can help you to stay focused as you make the transition from one psychologist to the next. It can help you feel like your progress isn’t going to suffer because you have someone else to talk to in Miami.

It is going to take time to build up trust with them and to feel like you can tell them anything. Remember, there was a time when your previous psychologist was new too. You have to trust it will all work out!

Your records from your previous Miami psychologist can be transferred to the new provider. You will need to sign release documents so that can happen. Ideally, you want them sent as soon as you move so the new psychologist in Miami has time to go through them. If they are up to speed on your issues and what has been part of treatment so far, they can dive in and assist you. They can re-evaluate the treatment plan and modify anything that is outdated too.